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Prinz Savoyen Dragoons

This dragoon regiment was created on February 7 1682 during the reign of emperor Leopold I. Its Inhaber (owner) was colonel Johann Heinrich count Kuefstein zu Gillenstein who also assumed command of the unit.

As early as July 31 1683, the regiment was involved in an engagement on the Hillenberg. Two months later, on September 12, it was part of the Austrian contingent, under the command of the duke Karl von Lothringen, when the army of John III Sobieski liberated Vienna from the besieging Turkish army. 

At the beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment was assigned to the corps under the command of count Palffy. In 1742, it took part to the winter expedition in Upper Austria and Bavaria. In the night of January 15, the Franco-Bavarian occupied Linz. On January 16, the regiment attacked them and put them to flight, capturing a large part of the enemy troops. In September, the regiment was operating against the French in northern Bohemia as part of corps of the archduke of Tuscany. On February 8 1743 at the battle of Campo Santo, the regiment was deployed on the left wing under the command of count Beyersberg. In 1744, it took part to the enterprise against Naples and to the attack on the Spanish camp at Velletri. In 1746, it was at the battle of Piacenza where it was deployed on the right wing along Schmerzing and Portugal cuirassiers. They broke throught the Spanish infantry, capturing several men. The same year, the regiment took part to the battle of Rottofreno. At the end of the war, in 1748, it took its quarters in Lombardy. In 1749, it was stationed in Hungary.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment inhaber was:
from 1736 to 1773: Ferdinand Karl count von Aspremont-Linden

N.B.: From 1736, contrarily to the other regiments of the Austrian Army who were known by the name of their owner, this regiment kept the name of the illustrious general who owned it from 1683 to 1736: Eugen Franz Prinz Savoyen. (Prince Eugène).

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:
since 1752: Franz count Hallwyl
1756: Joachim count Gourcy
from 1758 to 1771: Alexander baron Berlichingen

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