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Erzherzog Maximilian Cuirassiers

This regiment was the oldest of the Austrian army. It was raised in 1618 for the general of cavalry Heinrich du Val count Dampiere and took his name.

In 1626, the unit was converted into a cuirassier regiment. 

In 1631, the regiment was brought back to full strength (10 coys). It took part to all the campaigns of the Thirty Years' War, participating to the battles of Leipzig (1631), Lützen (1632) and Nördlingen (1634).

During the War of the Polish Succession, the regiment initially served on the Rhine against France in 1734 and 1735. Saint-Germain, the future French minister of War under Louis XVI, then served as Rittmeister in the regiment.

During the war against the Turks, the regiment fought in the engagement of Timok in 1737. The same year, it protected the artillery and baggage trains during the retreat from Fort Elisabeth. In 1738 it participated to the engagement of belgrade and, in 1739, to the battle of Krotzka where it suffered very heavy losses (its colonel, 5 squadron leaders, 4 officers and 92 men killed, 5 officers and 76 men wounded).

At the beginning of the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment was stationed in Hungary. In 1741, it was at the battle of Mollwitz. On May 17 1742, it fought at the battle of Czaslau. Later the same year, it was at the siege of Prague. During the campaigns of 1743 and 1744, the regiment was assigned to the army of prince Carl von Lothringen and served on the Rhine. In 1745, it fought at Hohenfriedberg (June 4) and Soor (September 30). At the end of the war, it was stationed in Hungary.

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment inhaber was:
until 1756: count zu Hohen-Ems
1756: Erzherzog Ferdinand
from 1761 to 1780: Erzherzog Maximilian von Habsburg-Lothringen

During the Seven Years' War, the regiment was commanded by:
since 1747: Christian baron Kölbel
1757: Franz count Thurn-Valsasina
1758: Hieronymus Minutillo
1760: Franz Josef baron Reischach

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