20 окт. 2013 г.

Deutschmeister Infantry

The regiment was raised 1695 from among the remnants of the former Teutonic Orders household-troops by Franz Ludwig count Pfalz-Neuburg receiving the name Teutschmeister. The colonel proprietor position was held by the reigning grand master of the Teutonic Order. 

The regiment served in Hungary against the Turks as well as in Italy and Germany against the French.

During the Seven Years' War, the chefs of the regiment were:
  • since April 1732: Grand master Prince Clemens August von Wittelsbach (Bavaria), prince elector of Cologne
  • from February 1761: Grand master Carl Alexander duke of Lorraine (brother to the Roman emperor Franz Stephan)
In 1763, after the Seven Years War, the regiment garrisoned Mons in the Austrian Netherlands (today Belgium).

Regimental numbers were introduced only in 1769 when this regiment was designated as "I.R. 4".

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