25 окт. 2013 г.

Neipperg Infantry

The regiment was raised in 1691 for count Wilhelm von Öttingen. In 1717, Reinhard Wilhelm baron von Neipperg acquired the regiment. Its recruiting area was the entire Holy Roman Empire.

During the War of the Austrian Succession, the regiment took part in the battles of Hohenfriedberg (June 4, 1745) and Soor (September 30, 1745).

During the Seven Years' War, the chefs of the regiment were:
from 1717 to 1767: baron von Neipperg

Colonel-commanders during the Seven Years' War:
since 1756: Heinrich Voith von Salzburg
from 1757: Adolf baron von Pfuhl
from 1760: Wilhelm baron von Schröder

In 1763, after the war , the regiment garrisoned Leipnik in Moravia.

Regimental numbers were introduced only in 1769 when this regiment was designated as "I.R. 7". It existed till 1918 as "I.R. Graf Khevenhüller Nr. 7".

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